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Haight Words: Voices from the Street

by Lori Pino

In Haight Words (pronounced like “hate”), author Lori Pino presents an illustrated anthology based on the musings of homeless poets, songwriters, and philosophers from Haight Street (of historic Haight-Ashbury fame) in San Francisco. What started as an evening out with her brother in the Haight led to a years-long endeavor of bringing light to the depth of humanity existing in the hearts and minds of the Haight’s street people living in a parallel universe of the invisible and voiceless.

Haight Words invites you to explore your own biases and prejudices in an effort to find connectedness across the fine line that separates you from perceived otherness. Lori’s colorful illustrations serve as a visual commentary to the growing plight in so many of our communities.


I love the Haight
because I get all the cans and bottles.
Carl H

I try to keep hope though it’s not easy
when the rain’s fallin and the air’s breezy
A smile from a stranger on the street
gives me strength to stand on my feet
I love this street for what it’s worth
It’s become my home on God’s great Earth
Dwayne F

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Haight Words offers unique insight into critical life circumstances shedding light on the dynamic interplay between the dominant culture and a subculture at a time when all of humanity is struggling to survive and make sense of a new normal.

Haight Words is provocative and awakens the senses through the illumination of silenced voices. It sends an invitation to challenge social constructs by taking the smallest of actions to bring about impactful results.

Haight Words reveals the fragile yet resilient nature of those existing behind a veil that can no longer be ignored. It is a call to action in an effort to uplift fellow beings in ways that are manageable and within our personal power. Herein lies the opportunity and inspiration for anyone to become an instrument of change for oneself or others.