Holistic Life Coach • Author • Healing Artist
Healing is an art.
It takes time.
It takes practice.
It takes love.

Las Curanderas

What does it mean to be a healing artist?

For me, being a healing artist means honoring and utilizing time-honored creative practices that promote healing, wellness, coping and personal transformation. They may derive from traditional healing arts such as music, art, dance, and written expression. Or they may be rooted in ancient therapeutic remedies and rituals. Likewise, art can be found in powerful healing modalities such as chiropractic, acupuncture, and other forms of holistic medicine.

The Earth Mother herself provides all we need to heal simply through the elements of earth, fire, water, air, space not to mention the energy binding everything in creation. It is up to the individual to determine what practice resonates best for them.

What has inspired my personal healing, spiritual development, and connection with others is my relationship to nature, which I believe is inextricably linked to my Mexican heritage. In my own evolution, I have been inspired to work with acrylics when painting, plants through the traditional folklore practice of Curanderismo, and energy medicine through Reiki and other techniques.

How does this relate to you?

It is important for me to share with you all of who I am and what I have to offer. I aim to provide a well-rounded approach, bringing my all, to serve you on your path of personal insight and development whatever that looks or feels like for you.


While painting is one way for me to express what’s on the inside, it also allows me to depict what I choose to see from the outside. My paintings are subtle statements about living freely without judgment. There is an intention toward ambiguity in an effort to move away from stereotypes and assumptions about others. I also like to invoke a sense of liberation by challenging societal constructs and norms wherever possible.

To read more and view my work, visit https://lori-pino.pixels.com.


The practice of Curandersimo, or Mexican American folk medicine, is part of a historically and culturally important health care system deeply rooted in native Mexican healing techniques. It is the art of traditional healing through herbalism, foods, hygiene, ritual, prayer, and magic encompassing indigenous beliefs in areas conquered by the Spanish. It is a practice that varies by nation, culture, tribes, and prevailing belief systems.

A Curandero/a’s life is dedicated to the administration of remedies for mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual illnesses. My family lineage includes a Curandera (female healer, see my great aunt pictured on the home page) who was well known in her time for facilitating healing. However, the knowledge and traditions were not passed down in my family. Therefore, I set out to revive the practice in my own life by seeking out a teacher knowing full well that becoming a Curandera could not be accomplished simply by taking classes. You must be invited to learn as an apprentice.

My journey led to San Francisco Bay Area Curandero, Charles Garcia, founder of the California Academy of Traditional Hispanic Herbalism (http://hispanicherbs.com). I put all expectations aside and focused on completing the curriculum. Over time, I became his class aide, school co-director, and ultimately, his apprentice. Upon completing my apprenticeship, I was asked to become a part of Charles’ lineage as a Curandera. We remain colleagues and dear friends to this day.

Curanderismo is a way of life for me, which I am grateful to share with others in any way I can. Following tradition, this means that I do not charge for services, though donations are accepted. For more information, you may contact me here.


(pronounced “RAY-key”)

The Japanese healing art of Reiki (pronounced “RAY-key”) is a simple method for reducing stress by releasing physical tension and calming the emotional mind thereby assisting the body in its ability to heal. It is a gentle and safe compliment to conventional medicine or therapies for relieving illness and promoting recovery. Reiki treats the whole person including body, emotions, mind and spirit creating many beneficial effects that include relaxation and feelings of peace, security and wellbeing.

The Reiki practitioner acts as a conduit channeling natural healing vibrations by laying hands upon the clothed body of the client or remotely, through distance. The process may also involve visualization and guided meditation. You are invited to feel rejuvenated and to experience a sense of wellbeing. 

The session will also include a brief introduction to Reiki for those who have never had it, as well as a discussion afterwards about what you experienced, if you choose.

* I will consider sliding scale on a case-by-case basis. Contact me if you need special assisted pricing.


$75/30 minutes